Listing Storyboard is a MUST for Home Selling

Most home sellers get trapped in the routine of "Old-fashioned" real estate and don't even know it. This means you miss out on opportunities and end up selling your home for less. Unfortunately, when it comes to real estate, this loss is in the thousands of dollars not hundreds. To help you understand what old-fashioned real estate looks like, here's a simple way remember it.


You can summarize old fashioned real estate with the "3 P's of Real Estate" which include:
1) Put a sign in the yard
2) Put it in MLS
3) Pray that it sells


If this is the only thing done to market your house... how boring! Anyone can do that. For sellers that want to take advantage of the new and innovative marketing techniques must consider the Listing Storyboard (TM). This is a lifestyle marketing strategy that brings the home to life. Aside from the typical photos and Realtor jargon, buyers want so much more than that. When you buy a home, you're buying a lifestyle, so doesn't it make sense to market that as well?


The Listing Storyboard is an interactive marketing tool that allow sellers to get involved and voice their opinions and thoughts and speak to the buyers directly. It also includes a walking tour video so you can tour the home from the comfort of your own home. If you're a buyer from out of town, you want to know about the inside scoop of the restaurants, shopping, amenities, neighborhood, etc. What's even better is that they get to hear it from the seller directly! Before you put your home in the market, make sure you find out more about the amazing new marketing strategies such as the Listing Storyboard.


In addition, don't forget about the Certified Pre-Owned Home Program. See the videos above for more details or call (904) 280-3000.

Listing Storyboard is a MUST for Home Selling

Bring your home to life and market your home in ways that old-fashioned real estate fail to do. Give your home selling strategy a face-lift by incorporating lifestyle marketing. Share with local and out of town buyers what it really means to live in the house you are selling. When buyers buy, it's not just an address, it's a lifestyle.

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