Get Real with Real Estate
Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
Sellers Net More

1.)  Appraisal -  It is imperative to ensure that when you list your home it's priced well for the current market.  Do you want your home to sell itself or do you want your home sell other homes on the street?  The martket sets the price of the homes.  It's important for homeowners to understand that they may put many upgrades into a home, but it's necessary to understand that you will not get dollar for dollar back on your investment.

2.) Inspection - Getting an inspection ahead of time can and will save a seller money. Our favorite analogy on the team is the 'ole toilet stopper. If an inspector comes in BEFORE the home under contract and you need a new toilet stopper you can run down to Lowes and spend $10 on a toilet stopper and replace it youself. If the SAME problem is found AFTER the home is under contract then by contract a Plumber needs to come in and do the work, which just the house call alone can cost you $200.

***Seller Story*** Seller chose not get an inspection as part of the Certified Pre-Owned Program, after the home went under contract the buyers had their inspection completed. There were so many things that needed to be done they became overwhelmed and just didn't want the home anymore. They didn't even submit a repair request. What makes this frustrating, is that it was ALL prevantable. Nothing on the inspection was major it was a bunch of little things that if the seller would have known about ahead of time they would have had their home under contract, sold, and onto their next adventure! Instead, they lost a buyer.

3.)  Home Warranty - Spending the little bit of money on a home warranty makes your home stand out above everyone else's. Home warranty provides a buyer with peace of mind in case anything major happens with the home, it will most likely be covered by the warranty. This includes major appliances, air conditioning systems, among many other things.

As a buyers agent a buyer will be encouraged to purchase a home with a warranty offered on it than not. It's the smartest decision for the buyers monetarily and more importantly for the peace of mind.

4.)  How CPO SAVES you time and money - The appraisal sets expectations. You don't over price your home and almost eliminate the need to negotiate. The time and heartache saved on pricing your home well from the get go is well worth it.

The inspection saves every seller so much money upfront and makes it possible to make any repairs necessary before the home goes on the market or even under contract. Having the home inspection upfront can save a seller hundreds EVEN thousands of dollars!

The entire CPO program brings more buyers to your home however, a home that has a home warranty appeals to buyers above and beyond a home that doesn't.

Homes that are certified pre-owned go under contract faster than home that are not. Their contract to close process is also much smoother than homes that are not. 

5.)  How CPO MAKES you money!!!!! The average list to sales price in the Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service is 97% Homes that go through the full certified pre-owned program average list to sales price is 99%!!!! On a $300k home that is an EXTRA $9,000 in YOUR pocket!!!!! Not only do these homes sell for a higher percentage list to sales price BUT they sell FASTER too!!!