Are Zillow and other AVM's accurate?

Automatic Valuation Models (AVM’s) aren’t very reliable for an accurate estimate on price because they do not take into consideration location or condition of a property. Example: even in a nice planned community, there are homes located on smaller lots w/ not a lot of upgrades and there are homes on larger lots with every upgrade imaginable. An AVM wouldn’t give you an accurate estimate because it would pull all of these homes, including any Foreclosure’s or Short Sales. If you want a true read on what your home is worth, request a house values report by filling out the form above or call (904) 280-3000. 

The Truth About Zillow and other AVM's

Zillow and many other automated valuation models (AVM's) claim to be able to give a current value of your home.  But are the values really accurate?  

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